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Mist Eliminators

AE Series Exhaust Filters
Offers durable, heavy-gauge filter housings which may be mounted directly to exhaust port of a vacuum pump or remotely (indoors or outdoors). This design features a highly efficient coalescing element utilizing graded porosity media to effectively remove heavy concentrations of smoke and oil mist from the exhaust stream of vacuum pumps.

Knock-Out Pot/Inlet Filter
Designed to remove liquids and/ or particles from the process gas of industrial equipment. The separation of entrained materials is accomplished in three stages. The first stage removes the bulk liquid by the centrifugal motion of the gas stream as it enters the vessel through a tangential inlet. In the second stage, a demister removes small liquid particles of mist and also acts as a pre-filter for particulate. Properly selected, conventional pads are ideal in most applications. At the moderate vapor velocity and liquid load for which a pad is designed, liquid trying to escape collects in a thin, flooded layer at the bottom of the pad. Bubbling causes re-entrainment of liquid, compounding the mist load. Virtually all droplets large enough for the wire to capture are eliminated in the lower half of the pad. The upper part, inactive as yet, is available for increased loads. Third stage is a particulate filter which removes solids with a standard efficiency of 98% of 4 microns.

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